Gender Sensitization

The GENDER SENSITIZATION COMMITTEE of Tagore Institute of Pharmacy and Research, Bilaspur has  been established in 2020 in accordance with the directives of Humble Supreme Court of India and the committee is established as per Section 4 All India Council for Technical Education (Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students and Redressal of Grievances in Technical Institutions Regulations, 2016 vide No. F. AICTE/ WH/ 2016/ 01 dated 10th June, 2016. This committee ensures safety, security, and dignity of women’s at workplace.


  1. To create positive environment for
  2. To raise awareness against gender sensitive issue.

For any complaints regarding above below member can be consulted.

1 Presiding Officer Dr. Sandeep Gupta Chairperson 8770016641
2 Two Faculty Members Ms. Priyanka Dubey Member 7999059071
    Ms. T N Nitya Member 9827868548
3 Two non-teaching employees Mr. Omkar Dewangan Member 8770384821
    Mr. Ravi Kaushik   7000458441
4 A member from NGO or a person familiar with sexual harassment issues In process Member ——–
5 Three Student nominees (if the matter involves students) Pratham Khandelwal Member 7828338938, 9109815688
    Shreya Yadav   8319582960
    Sakshi Mehta